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Shandong General Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. formerly belonged to a provincial trading company involved in machinery products business in the 80s. After the company’s restruction in 1998, Shandong General Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. was formally established as an exporter of industrial pipeline products and hardware.
Ever since the foundation, SDGM has been committed to cooperating with world-wide customers by providing satisifying quality products at competitive prices. In order to achieve better product management, later in 1998, SDGM invested in Yantai Valve, a specialized valve manufacturer already with over 20 years of experience supplying high quality pipeline products to global market at that time.
During the past years, SDGM has also worked very closely with other professional manufacturers from different regions of China to form a solid supply chain. Nowadays, with self-owned factory, joint ventures, and many cooperative factories, SDGM is able to offer a full range of valves, pipeline products, and hardware.

We supply various products manufactured in different regions to ensure comparative advantage in prices; all products are under strict quality control. We offer in the standards of American, European, Middle East, and South Asian to satisfy every customer’s needs. The success of SDGM is founded on the principles of sincerity and excellence. We look forward to cooperating with more customers and provide the best quality products as well as service continuously.
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